Want To Get Rid Of Heroin Addiction – Try Kratom Tea

Kratom Plant

Kratom is an evergreen tree that belongs to coffee family. It is mostly found in South East Asia region. Its leaves have been used for medical purposes from many decades. The leaves can be chewed to cheer up mood and to treat many health problems.


Kratom leaves are dried and used to create a drug named Kratom. Kratom can be taken in many ways, such as mixed with tea, chew the fresh leaves, or smoke them.


Types of Kratom

In the market, you will find that Kratom is available in various forms. It is available in the form of leaves, powder or resin.  Kratom in resin and powder form is stronger in comparison to the leaves. However, strength of a product also varies depending on the age as well as the quality of the plant from which it has been made.

Some online sites also offer commercial leaves. These leaves are a mixture of different quality leaves. These types of leaves are good if you want to make the extract by yourself.

You can also choose high quality powder or leaves. They are usually expensive than others. On the contrary, these will fulfill your requirement by taking just small quantity.

Kratom Tea

Taking Kratom by mixing them in tea is most widely used method. Chewing Kratom leaves are bitter in taste, but Kratom tea is tastier in drinking.

  • Preparation (Method 1)
    1. Take a hot water in small amount.
    2. Drop 5-10 grams or of powdered Kratom leaves in it. Leave this mixture for 10-15 minutes.
    3. Add black or green tea.
    4. Add honey or sugar (two dropperfuls in a cup of tea).


  • Preparation (Method 2)
  1. Take 50 grams of dried or fresh Kratom leaves. Add these to small amount of water.
  2. Boil this mixture on low flame for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Make a paste-like extract.
  4. Take small quantity of this paste and add to hot water. Stir until it is fully dissolved and there are no lumps.
  5. Add honey or sugar (optional).

People all around the world consume Kratom in various forms as per their taste. Some like to consume them as tea, some like to consume it with alcohol and some people just like to smoke Kratom. 5-10 grams is good enough when you want to take Kratom as dried leaves. If you are taking Kratom powder in the resin form, lower the dose to 3-5 grams. The best advantage of using Kratom is that it is non-addictive in nature.


Safest Treatment for Drug Addiction – Use Kratom

Kratom is derived from the plant ‘Mitragyna Speciosa’. It is a useful medicine and has been used for centuries to treat addiction cases. It is usually found in the Asian countries. This plant is used as medicine from a long time for relieving pain and increasing the energy levels. Kratom was described by Pieter Willem Korthals (was a Dutch botanist).

About Mitragyna Speciosa

These trees usually grow to height 12-30ft tall and 15ft wide. Kratom tree leaves are of dark green color and can grow over 7 inches longer and 4 inches wider. Its leaves are of two types- round and heart shaped. It can be either evergreen or deciduous (depends upon climate and environment in which it is grown).

Kratom in US

FDA itself not restricts Kratom. However, it is in the list of “Drugs and Chemicals of Concern”. On February 2014, FDA announced that kratom does not pose any illness and injury to human being. Because of natural origin, Kratom is not on the banned plants list, as it is not synthetic. That’s why it is legal in US and the world.


Use of kratom as a medicine

Kratom is mainly used for curing drug addicts. It is a healthy and natural way for the treatment of drug addiction. It avoids terrible withdrawal symptoms and new chemical addiction. It is a painless and easy way compared to other programs and lets you ease down. It is the finest way and only way for curing extreme cases of addiction, as it is purely natural and does not have any side effects. It offers a powerful alternative to relapse addiction of drugs (as it is an herbal medicinal drug).

How it works?

Once injected or ingested, alkaloids (a powerful compound in kratom) starts the soothing and healing cell receptors, which is damaged by opiate abuse.  Overdose of opiate affects the nervous system of human beings and damage the human body and mind. Kratom acts as an opiate agonist in these cells, helps plugging up the holes made by opiates. While taking kratom, the patient feels calm and soothing. It is very important information for addicts that taking kratom is the easiest, helpful and reliable way for treating drug addiction.


Kratom dose:-

The use of kratom generates the following soothing effects:-

  • Ease the feeling of despair
  • Reduces tiredness of muscles and make them relax
  • Restores normal sleep pattern
  • Soothes stomach
  • Makes you calm and instigates the feeling of euphoria

Opium Withdrawal Using Kratom – The Most Natural and Powerful Way To Quit Opium

Kratom is a plant grown in deep jungles of South East Asia. It has been used for various medicinal purposes to treat critical diseases for thousands of years. Kratom contains high amount of potent natural alkaloids.

Medical professionals for drug withdrawal purposes have accepted Krotam. Opium withdrawal also has a wide array of side effects. Kratom is the most natural treatment of such treatments.

History of Kratom

It was found that ancient Chinese medics for opium withdrawal used Kratom. This makes it a hundreds of years of time-tested drug, which is natural and safe. Kratom is not only used for opium withdrawal, it is an excellent drug withdrawal medicine for several other addictions too. It is helping many people detox.


The first recorded research recommending Kratom was in 1897. Several medical facilities are using Kratom since then.

Symptoms Cured by Kratom

There are several symptoms being treated by Kratom. It suppresses several different symptoms together. The symptoms being suppressed by Kratom are

  • Relief in muscle pain caused by drug withdrawal
  • Easing of Insomnia
  • Easing of Nausea
  • Return of Normal Appetite
  • Help with depression-related thoughts

What is Opium Addiction?

In opium addiction, the person gets uncomfortable, if he misses a dose of the regular opium cycle. Every addict follows a routine to meet the drug requirement stimulated by the nervous system. By consumption of Opium, the endorphin level in the body gets higher. When the level of endorphin gets lower, the person feels uneasiness and tends to intake more amount of opium.

How Kratom Cures This Addiction?

Kratom provides naturally produced alkaloids to provide the same effect as opium. However, these are non-addictive in nature. The person switches to a non-addictive version of alkaloids to ease the symptoms, then gradually decrease, and quit the use of kratom too.


It is natural. It grows within the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa Tree in deep forests. It is safe, as it never creates long-term dependency.

How to use Kratom?

The key to successful use of Kratom is patience. You cannot leave your years of addiction in a week. You will need to follow a program that helps you ease out of the addiction and dependencies on opium. This change takes time.

There is a step-by-step guide to replace opium with Kratom

  • Replace a part of the opium or methadone dose with kratom to begin with.
  • Then gradually increase the ratio of kratom.
  • Replace the whole opium dose with kratom dose
  • Reduce the dose of kratom
  • Quit kratom

If the patient follows the guidelines and ensures to patiently let the body ease. There are greater chances of success. If you jump from one-step to the other impatiently, the body might relapse. Everybody has a different physique and different reaction to different things. Some drugs have fast results on some people, while some have slow effect on others. So, it is advised to give time to each and every step according to your personal requirement.

A Detailed Dosage Plan for Safe Consumption of Kratom Powder

Kratom powder is used for the various purposes. The intake quantity depends on the user. Kratom can be used for the anxiety disorder which generally includes feelings and sensation of panic, fear, uneasiness, sleeping disorders, cold or sweaty hand or feet, shortness of breath, heart palpitation, lack of ability to be motionless and calm, tingling sensation or numbness in feet or hands, dry mouth, etc.

Kratom powder has a variety of effects. The effect depends upon the amount you take. The effect that Kratom will have on a particular person also depends upon various factors such as body mass, tolerance limit etc.


Before started taking this powder, one should take caution and start with the low or moderate doses. It has been found from the feedback of different users that those extra doses of Kratom powder cause sedative effect. It is also found that for a new user, the starting dosage is 2-3 gram and a maximum increase of 0.5 gram on the next use. The following doses are used for different purposes.

2-4 grams of Kratom powder: The use of 2-4 grams of Kratom powder can provide you temporary alertness and energy. This is the most suitable dosage for the new users. After starting with this quantity, a new user may feel dizzy or suffer a headache. Once you are comfortable with these doses, you can increase the quantity of powder according to your use.


4-8 grams of Kratom powder: This dose comes under the category of medium effect. The use between 4g to 8g of Kratom powder provides you calming and soothing effect.

8-9 grams of Kratom powder: For most people, this dosage is too strong. Many doctors suggest that after quitting drugs like opium, heroin, etc, they start taking 7-9 gram of Kratom. The dosage must be used 3-4 times a day and stick to this up to three days. On the fourth day, you should start reducing the dose by 2 gram that is administration to 5-7 gram. The following day use 3-5 gram and on the sixth day take only 2 grams. On the very last day, don’t take any Kratom.

Precautions to be taken:

  • Don’t start with heavy dose.
  • Always take heavy dose in empty stomach.
  • People, who are hypersensitive, must take low doses.
  • Please ensure that you increase the dosage a little at a time, abrupt increase may lead to side effects.

Ultra Enhanced Indo – A Euphoric & Powerful Strain and Its Typical Effects

When you hear the word “enhanced” you automatically expect something extra ordinary. However, when you use this word to a Kratom item, it means the potency of this type is enhanced by concentrated extract.

Ultra enhanced indo is famous for its intensified sedative effects in combination with immense euphoria. It is the most powerful strain available in the market today. Ultra enhanced indo has achieved the level of delivering the desired effects at lower dosage. Many users have testified that ultra enhanced indo is too strong for their level.

Typical effects –

Ultra enhanced indo is widely famous among the users for creating very intense sensation of euphoria and sedation more than any other strain. The magic lies in the dosage, lower dosage gives stimulating effect and the higher dosage gives more of a relaxation effect. Mostly, the users prefer lower dosage of ultra enhanced indo because the users find it too strong for them.

It is a little different to use an enhanced kratom product. It will be better for you to set aside your normal dosage and start fresh. Normal dosage of enhanced kratom will be too strong for you. Small quantity will give you desired effect. One gram of enhanced high quality equates, as one eighth of one teaspoon. Users usually prefer half of this dosage. To get a great experience, always start with a small dosage and increase slowly to 0.5 gm over time.

Pricing –

One of the disadvantages of ultra enhanced indo is its high pricing. Even if the market varies from time to time, enhanced indo is always high priced than normal kratom capsules. Now the question is, is the high price of ultra enhanced indo worth it? Many users claim that this strain is not suitable for regular use. It is more of a “special occasion” strain. Used as break from the regular stuff. Even if it is a little high priced, it is totally worth it. It gives an “A” class quality effects.


Some warnings –

Ultra enhanced indo is not recommended for regular use. It is generally suggested for “special occasion” purpose. Anything taken in excess is harmful for human body. It is not available in the market easily, therefore it is not accessible by the users.

Conclusion –

Some say this is the strongest strain with great and satisfying results and the desired results are obtained even with very small amount and dosage.

Rating the Best Kratom Caps for Sale Online With Their Types

Originating from South East Asia, Kratom is a very popular strain available in the market. It is also said to be a substitute for coffee, as it gives the same effects on the human body as coffee. FDA is trying to put a ban on this strain, but it is still legal in the United States.

Kratom is not only used for relaxing just like coffee, but it is also used for treating depression, diabetes, anxiety, chronic pain, opiate addiction and fatigue. Kratom is also a great help in treating high blood pressure and insomnia. If you see in general, kratom has many positive effects, which help people with their pain and illness. People usually turn to kratom for help when they want immediate relief from pain or their difficulty. It is believed that the effects of Kratom increases, if taken with orange or grapefruit juice.


The types –

According to research, there are 6 types of kratom strain available. They are explained below with their characteristics –

  1. Premium Bali –

This type of kratom is famous for giving a relaxing effect and is also a great choice for people looking for analgesic properties. Always look for the powder or crushed leaves in a dark colour tone.

  1. Maeng Da –

This strain is termed as the most “euphoric” strain. It gives the user uplifting and energizing effect with relaxed and sedative effects.

  1. Thai kratom –

As the name suggests Thai kratom is the strain grown in Thailand. It is said to be a little strong strain, and its effect lasts up to 5-7 hours. It mainly gives an energizing buzz with euphoria.

  1. Premium Indonesian –

It is one of the world’s best kratom strains available. It is a very strong stain giving a usual sedation effect with euphoria. The users claim to experience its effects from the first use itself.

  1. Kratom extracts –

They are the most virgin form of kratom and it’s famous for its powerful effects.  Only a quantity of 1-2 g is sufficient for a satisfying effect.

  1. Borneo –

There are 3 types of Borneo available:-

  • Red vein – strong pain relieving effects
  • White vein – euphoric effect
  • Green vein – uplifting mood


The most interesting fact about about all these strains is that they are easily available online. If you are looking for any kind of kratom strains, always check for ratings at KratomOnline to know your best choice and bid. Check all kinds and varieties available with their description and make your choice according to your needs.

Description and Few Reasons Why Kratom Use Should Be Legal

There are many people, who are unaware of kratom’s actual characteristics rather it is misjudged due its name.

Originated in south East Asia as a coffee family member, it is used for relieving pain and also as a mood elevator. In Thailand, it is consumed as a popular beverage when added with cough syrup. It is already banned in countries like Thailand, Australia, Myanmar, and Malaysia mostly because of its psychoactive properties. The U.S government is trying to ban kratom completely, but it is still under question.


This scenario is changing in Thailand because of its increasing dependence of people on methamphetamines, the government is attempting to legalise kratom, which was banned for last 70 years.

With all other controversies keeping aside, scientists are finding kratom’s effect in helping drug addicts to come out of it like, heroin and cocaine. Studies also prove that kratom serves as a treatment for treating opioid addicts.

Kratom is legal in the USA in 48 states with the exception of Tennessee and Indiana.

How does kratom work?

Mitragynine (an ingredient in kratom) has the same characteristics of morphine. Therefore it helps the patients with the pain. Kappa- opioid receptor helps you too stay alert and active all day. Some scientists suggest kratom to help addicts come out of addiction of opioid. Serotonin receptors help in treating depression. It is also been proved very helpful in treating insomnia.

Anything taken in excess is harmful to the body, few cases were reported where the kratom user died because of overdose. One should always stick to the dosage prescribed and take advantage of all the positive effect that this strain has to offer.


With many negative reviews from people, a lot of positive comments were also received. Many satisfied users testify that they had immediate relief from pain and were able to get help in detoxifying themselves from addiction of other drugs.

If you see clearly, there are many positive effects of kratom, which many people are not aware of like –

  • Immediate pain relief
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Fatigue
  • Depression

And many more..

It can be addictive, but if it is used as a medicine not merely as a strain, it can be very helpful and advantageous to many people. This is one of the reasons why kratom is getting its legal status in Thailand. It has many positive effects compared to negative effects.